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Cormac Stauton is currently a policy advisor on EU and international policy in the Central Bank of Ireland. Prior to this, he was a policy analyst in TASC, and co-authored the first economic inequality report, Cherishing All Equally

Flat tax maths doesn’t stack up

Cormac Staunton 09/12/2015

Cormac Staunton: The debate on flat taxes arose again this week with RENUA promoting the idea of a flat income tax model for Ireland. They invited me to speak at a symposium they held in order to discuss the proposed model. While I now have a few more details from them, and it is not quite as regressive as I had initially calculated, nevertheless …

Unequal recovery shows the changing fortunes in Ireland

Cormac Staunton 09/11/2015

Cormac Staunton: If incomes are a reliable indicator of the health the Irish economy since the financial crisis, then there has been a significant …

Budget 2016: Budget ‘sweet-spot’ of €70,000 means the Top 10% is the big winner… again.

Cormac Staunton 13/10/2015

Cormac Staunton: In our analysis of last years ‘triple effect’ of changes to tax bands, tax rates and USC rates we found that Budget 2015 gave …

Flat Tax benefits Top 25% of earners and reduces services for everyone

Cormac Staunton 06/10/2015

Cormac Staunton: When trying to understand the impact of changes to the income tax system there are two vital bits of information that are needed: …

Complexity of inequality means we must move beyond single indicators

Cormac Staunton 29/09/2015

Cormac Staunton: Yogi Berra, the great American Baseball player who died last week at the age of 90, is credited with the immortal line: “It’s …

Ireland's Great Inequality Debate

Cormac Staunton 28/09/2015

Cormac Staunton: Irish people know that the world is an unequal place. The exact scale of this divide was brought home to viewers who watched David …

Ireland's real dependency culture

Cormac Staunton 28/08/2015

Cormac Staunton: A well-balanced article about the challenges faced of our public finances by Davy Economist Conall MacCoille finished with a …

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