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Cormac Stauton is currently a policy advisor on EU and international policy in the Central Bank of Ireland. Prior to this, he was a policy analyst in TASC, and co-authored the first economic inequality report, Cherishing All Equally

Shining a light on alternatives

Cormac Staunton 14/04/2015

Cormac Staunton: Two important recent announcements by Government signal moves towards addressing some of the causes of economic inequality in …

The Value of Nothing

Cormac Staunton 30/03/2015

Cormac Staunton: A serious suggestion doing the rounds at the moment is that we should have an independent body that costs political party manifestos …

Economic Inequality: Frequently Asked Questions

Cormac Staunton 27/03/2015

Cormac Staunton: Since launching our report Cherishing All Equally: Economic Inequality in Ireland we have received a number of questions from a wide …

Mathematically Progressive or Socially Progressive?

Cormac Staunton 06/03/2015

Cormac Staunton: You don’t measure how peaceful an area is by counting the number of peacekeepers. If anything, the presence of peacekeepers is an …

Why ‘gross’ income inequality matters

Cormac Staunton 24/02/2015

Cormac Staunton: Cherishing All Equally has prompted a discussion of economic inequality in Ireland. In a previous post I discussed why looking only …

Inequality: a Real and Growing Threat to the Irish Economy

Nat O'Connor, Cormac Staunton 16/02/2015

Nat O'Connor and Cormac Staunton: Economics has always been about the study of who gets what, when and how. This issue has come into sharp focus due …

The “Two Irelands”

Cormac Staunton 13/02/2015

Cormac Staunton: Christian Aid hosted a conference in Dublin yesterday on the “Human Rights Impact of Tax and Fiscal Policy”. There were a number …

Economic Inequality: More than Incomes and Wealth

Cormac Staunton 11/02/2015

Cormac Staunton: When discussing economic inequality, there is a tendency to focus on income inequality (or sometimes wealth inequality). This is …

You can't benchmark marginal rates of income tax

Cormac Staunton 06/02/2015

Cormac Staunton: As reported in the Irish Times, the government is considering introducing “tax benchmarking” for income tax in order to attract …

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