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Arthur Doohan trained as an engineer and economist in Trinity College Dublin and went to work in a bank. Having traded every asset class and derivative except equities in the City of London for 15 years he left to do something more constructive than 'being a professional gambler with other people's money'. He now works as an IT consultant specialising in mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: Loose lips sink ships

Arthur Doohan 13/02/2012

Arthur Doohan: The "grown-up's" will remember the opening sequence to the 'Mission Impossible' TV series, where the tape self destructs a few seconds …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: Grandmaster level chess

Arthur Doohan 15/07/2011

Arthur Doohan: In chess, the quality that separates the 'grandmaster' from the 'talented amateur' is the number of moves ahead that each player can …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: The burning of the bondholders

Arthur Doohan 02/06/2011

Arthur Doohan: There is something of a scramble to jump onto the bandwagon of those seeking to attend the 'burning of the bondholders'. What could …

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