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Nama Wine Lake on the Promissory Notes

Tom McDonnell 20/03/2012

Tom McDonnell: Here is a timely recap by Nama Wine Lake of the grotesque farce that is the Anglo promissory note debacle.

The Alcohol Industry - A case study of health versus wealth

Nat O'Connor 16/03/2012

Nat O'Connor: The recently completed (Feb 2012) Steering Group Report On a National Substance Misuse Strategy has taken a public health approach to …

Cleaning up the debate

Michael Taft 13/03/2012

Michael Taft: In Saturday’s Irish Times Stephen Collins wrote: ‘Far from outlawing Keynesian economics, what the treaty seeks to do is to put an …

The referendum - what to do?

Jim Stewart 09/03/2012

Jim Stewart: The Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance is flawed in many respects. Martin Wolf, writing in the Financial Times on 6th …

Lies, damned lies and the Dept. of Finance's statistics

An tSaoi 06/03/2012

An Saoi: The Department of Finance has issued the February 2012 tax figures, which can be viewed here. The figures are so confusing a detailed …

What exactly will we be asked in the fiscal treaty referendum?

Nat O'Connor 02/03/2012

Nat O'Connor: The Taoiseach has signed the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union (also known as the …

Pathways to Work - can it deliver?

Sinéad Pentony 02/03/2012

Sinéad Pentony: Pathways to Work was launched last week and it sets out to achieve some much needed reform in relation to labour market activation …

'Austerity is working' - not

Tom Healy 24/02/2012

Tom Healy: In its latest Quarterly Economic Commentary the ESRI QEC authors observe that 'The euro zone economy is slipping into recession due to the …

The false economy of selling state assets to fund job creation

Sinéad Pentony 22/02/2012

Sinéad Pentony: Today’s announcement provides us with some more details on the government’s thinking in relation to the role of state assets in …

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