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"The only show in town?"

Slí Eile 25/06/2009

Slí Eile: In recent days, there has been a rush of reports (including EMU Public Finances 2009, IMF Report on Irish Economy, OECD Economic Outlook comments on Ireland), data, analysis and media reaction on the state of the economy, banking and public finances. One important part of the background landscape is the social partnership talks still …

Report card for the parties in opposition

Slí Eile 21/04/2009

Sli Eile: Over recent weeks I assessed the various economic proposals of some political parties – see previous posts on this site for Fine Gael, …

Budget 2009: further comments

Slí Eile 07/04/2009

Sli Eile: Some additional – and initial – observations about specific points in the Budget. Leading by example? The announced changes to pay and …

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Sean McCabe

Sean holds an B.Sc in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and an M.Sc. in …

Kirsty Doyle

Kirsty Doyle is a Researcher at TASC, working in the area of health inequalities. She is …

Vic Duggan

Vic Duggan is an independent consultant, economist and public policy specialist catering …