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Two Government Plans

Paul Sweeney 16/02/2018

The publication of two major government plans on investment, the NDP and the National Planning Framework was welcome. It is commendable that both plans are integral to each other. This is a first in Ireland and indeed internationally‚ÄĒthe only worry is that both plans could be undone. Charlie McCreevy destroyed the last National Spatial Strategy …

Apollo House Homeless Occupation

Paul Sweeney 22/12/2016

Last week the Irish state borrowed a load of money. The interest rate we will pay was minus 0.42% Yes, the lenders competed with each other to PAY …

Taoiseach appears to seek Increased Public Investment, as does OECD.

Paul Sweeney 13/06/2016

Paul Sweeney: The leak in the Irish Times (13th June 2016) that the Taoiseach has written to Mr Juncker, President of the EU Commisson, on the need …

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Paul Sweeney

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