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Irish Dairy & the Sustainability of Rural Ireland

Conor Mulvihill 15/01/2020

Irish dairy is currently going through a renaissance period. It is currently seen as a ‘tiger’ economy in the global dairy industry, with one of the fastest growth rates on the planet. Since the lifting of the EU quota regime on 2015 the industry has flourished, jumping from producing just over 5 billion litres of milk in 2015 to surpassing 8 …

How to create jobs

Slí Eile 13/08/2009

Slí Eile: From a Financial Times editorial (The Luck of the Irish) of 10 August on the current state of the Irish

Irish Industrial Policy: Strategic Obsessions

David Jacobson 23/06/2009

David Jacobson: Since the end of the 1950s industrial policy has evolved around two main objectives, the encouragement of foreign direct investment …

An expanded comment: Paul Sweeney on Sean O Riain

Paul Sweeney 01/06/2009

Paul Sweeney: This is a thoughtful commentary on the banking crisis and what might transpire after it. At present as Sean O’Riain says, there is …

The road to recovery: different responses


There has been, recently, a plethora of reports on the economy in Ireland ranging from the Government publication 'Building Ireland's Smart Economy' …

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Kirsty Doyle

Kirsty Doyle is a Researcher at TASC, working in the area of health inequalities. She is …

Vic Duggan

Vic Duggan is an independent consultant, economist and public policy specialist catering …

Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a …