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Our problem is not the EU - our problem is ourselves

Colm O'Doherty 29/05/2012

Colm O'Doherty: Earlier this year, in Davos, Enda Kenny spoke about moral failure and its responsibility for our economic crash. He said that easy access to credit had spawned greed to a point where it just went out of control completely and ended with a spectacular crash. There was an immediate outcry in Ireland on foot of his comments and he was …

Will the Fiscal Treaty Cost Us?

Michael Taft 08/05/2012

Michael Taft: Will the Fiscal Treaty – in particular, the notorious structural deficit rule – require additional austerity? John McHale of the …

The Fiscal Compact - crisis resolution?

Tom McDonnell 03/05/2012

Tom McDonnell: Sebastian Dullien has a useful piece on the Fiscal Compact over at the Social Europe Journal. Sebastian correctly argues that none of …

Terrence McDonough on the Fiscal Treaty


IRELAND MAY well need a second bailout after 2013. And as treaties are currently worded, a No vote on the fiscal compact treaty will forbid us from …

Ireland's financing alternatives - the EFSF

Michael Taft, Tom McDonnell 24/04/2012

Tom McDonnell and Michael Taft: In our first post, we outlined some of Ireland’s financing alternatives; namely through the IMF and the European …

Michael O'Sullivan on the European project


Michael O'Sullivan, author of 'Ireland and the Global question', has an interesting opinion piece in today's Financial Times.

Dishonesty and the 'structural deficit'

Michael Burke 26/03/2012

Michael Burke: An article in the Irish Times by Stephen Collins which asserts that the new Treaty “seeks to do is to put an end to the kind of …

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