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The EU cannot stop us investing the proceeds of the sale of AIB

Paul Sweeney 02/06/2017

The Government is trying to shut down the debate over what should be done with the proceeds of selling AIB. It blames the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact (S&GP) for not being able to invest the money in infrastructure. It claims that its hands are tied and that it must pay down the national debt which in any event is declining, from 120 per …

AIB makes case for increased public spending

Peter Connell 02/02/2010

Peter Connell: Encouraging news from AIB. In its Economic Outlook for 2010 published last month the bank agrees with many of those writing on PE on …

The root cause of the recession

Paul Sweeney 05/05/2009

Paul Sweeney: Too much competition can be bad. It is heresy to most liberal economists, but the low interest rate and liberalisation of markets did …

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