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'Understanding what controls us'

Peter Connell 05/10/2011

Peter Connell: Writing in last Saturday’s Guardian, Ian Jack, bemoaning the irrelevance of the current party conference season in the UK, argued that the media, rather than providing publicity for stage managed political rallies, would better serve society and its citizens by focusing on the powerful institutions and corporations whose decisions …

Public sector workers - some awkward facts

Peter Connell 09/11/2010

Peter Connell: Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Surely a good epithet for much of what masquerades as analysis of our current …

Stimulus and austerity

Peter Connell 26/07/2010

Peter Connell: Over on there has been an enlightening discussion on one of our favourite topics – austerity versus stimulus. The …

AIB makes case for increased public spending

Peter Connell 02/02/2010

Peter Connell: Encouraging news from AIB. In its Economic Outlook for 2010 published last month the bank agrees with many of those writing on PE on …

Social welfare cuts and NAMA

Peter Connell 05/08/2009

Peter Connell: Brian Lenihan is quoted in Saturday’s Irish Times as insisting that the banking crisis is ‘entirely separate’ to the financial …

Budget 2009: A budget destined to deflate

Peter Connell 08/04/2009

Peter Connell: Over the past few weeks, the debate regarding the scale of the fiscal deficit that the government should aim for in today’s budget …

Preparing low and middle income earners for higher income tax

Peter Connell 27/03/2009

Peter Connell: In last Fridays’s Irish Times Colm Keena, in an article entitled ‘Income data understate contribution of lower and middle-income …

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