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Groundhog Day

Stephen Kinsella 30/03/2010

Stephen Kinsella: Super Tuesday has been and gone. Even those of us who study Irish public policy and the Irish economy on a daily basis were taken aback by the scale of the wealth transfers from state to private banks. What does it all mean? I’m a professional economist folks–don’t try this at home. As I mentioned on Drivetime this evening, …

There are smarter ways to economic recovery

Stephen Kinsella 29/01/2010

Stephen Kinsella: The smart economy is a nice idea, perhaps even a good idea. But like most nice ideas, when exposed to reality, the smart economy …

Cash for Crap Houses: Ireland & NAMA

Stephen Kinsella 28/10/2009

Stephen Kinsella: Ronan Lyons has the story on the idea that NAMA should become a hands-on property management company. Long story short, it is a …

Prudence in the Face of the Unknown is Key

Stephen Kinsella 23/10/2009

Stephen Kinsella: It is almost never correct to sacrifice a present benefit for a doubtful advantage in the future. Ireland's political classes …

Will there be a NAMA for personal debt?

Stephen Kinsella 21/10/2009

Stephen Kinsella: No. The National Asset Management Agency, NAMA, is designed to remove the ‘impaired loans’ generated by excessive lending to …

Guest post by Stephen Kinsella: NAMA will not get banks lending again

Stephen Kinsella 19/10/2009

Stephen Kinsella: The primary objective of the National Asset Management Agency is to increase the flow of credit to the ‘real’ economy — …

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