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Sinéad Pentony is Associate Director with the Trinity Foundation, Trinity College Dublin working towards securing private funding and other support for a range of projects - primarily from individuals, companies and foundations.

Her fundraising portfolio includes supporting the Schools of Computer Science and Statistics; Mathematics; and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to deliver on their strategic priorities with the help of philanthropy support and sponsorship.

She has been working in the not-for-profit sector since the mid-1990s and generating income and fundraising has been a key part of her roles. She develops strategic relationships with a view to delivering mutually beneficial outcomes.

Her previous roles have involved undertaking research and policy work across a variety of public policy areas, policy influencing and advocacy work with a wide variety of stakeholders, public communications, lecturing, and leading or supported strategic planning and review processes aimed at refocusing the work of programmes and organisations in a changing context.

Sinéad was previously head of policy with TASC.

Day 1 - Budget 2012

Sinéad Pentony 06/12/2011

Sinéad Pentony: Yesterday’s budget was presented on the basis of three guiding principles: fairness, jobs and reform. Let’s put these principles …

Poverty, inequality and Budget 2012

Sinéad Pentony 30/11/2011

Sinéad Pentony: The publication of the preliminary results from the 2010 Survey of Income and Living Conditions (SILC) is very timely in the run up …

Who will pay more and who will be protected in Budget 2012

Sinéad Pentony 25/11/2011

Sinéad Pentony: Budget season is well and truly underway and the slow drip feed of information and kite flying continues. The broad thrust of the …

Inequality and Budget 2012

Sinéad Pentony 10/10/2011

Sinéad Pentony: In the run up to Budget 2012, the discourse is going to be dominated by the scale of the fiscal adjustment (€3.6 billion) and the …

Dealing with Mortgage Over-Indebtedness

Sinéad Pentony 25/08/2011

Sinéad Pentony: The issue of mortgage indebtedness has re-emerged. The number of mortgage holders in arrears for more than 3 months has reached …

Social Impact Bonds - Thinking Outside the Box

Sinéad Pentony 24/08/2011

Sinéad Pentony: At a time when public and private investment is badly needed it’s important to think outside the box and look at different …

"This is a system in deep trouble"

Sinéad Pentony 15/08/2011

Sinéad Pentony: In The Guardian, Larry Elliott argues that “only a new way of managing the global economy can prevent more mayhem in the market …

NESC Report on Responses to Unemployment Crisis

Sinéad Pentony 11/08/2011

Sinéad Pentony: Earlier this week NESC published its latest Report on Supports and Services for Unemployed Jobseekers: Challenges and Opportunities …

Education cutbacks bad for economy

Sinéad Pentony 04/08/2011

Sinéad Pentony: Today’s news that class sizes are set to increase highlights the shortsightedness of responses to the fiscal crisis. As in many …

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