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Dr Sinéad Pembroke is a research fellow at the School of Nursing and Midwifery Trinity College Dublin. She is a former researcher at TASC on the Social Implications of Precarious Work project. She was an Irish Research Council (IRC) Postgraduate Scholar and completed her PhD in Sociology in University College Dublin. Sinead worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin developing an evidence-based educational resource for self-disclosure strategies for people with epilepsy (How2Tell). She also worked as a Research Fellow in University College Dublin on an Irish Research Council-funded project, “The Magdalene institutions: Recording an oral and archival history”. Sinéad has also worked on numerous health-related projects including co-authoring a report for the WISE UP Programme for Women Living and Working with Social Exclusion for the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA).

Precarious work leads to precarious lives

Sinead Pembroke 24/01/2019

Precarious work precarious lives: how policy can create more security – a report recently published by FEPS-TASC – reveals that precarious work is not confined to “the gig economy”; it is widespread in many other sectors such as retail, accommodation and construction. And it is also expanding into sectors previously considered secure and …

Statistics don’t always tell the truth

Sinead Pembroke 08/05/2018

Today, statistics are major currencies in policy discussions and debates. They are used as weapons by government ministers, politicians and political …

Facing difficult choices: precarious workers' access to healthcare in Ireland

Sinead Pembroke 21/03/2018

Imagine you have an excruciating backache that won’t go away. What if you have a virus that you need a prescription of anti-biotics to cure? Or …

The Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2017

Sinead Pembroke 12/12/2017

Just last week, the government announced that it was to introduce new legislation to deal with amongst other things, zero-hour contracts. This …

Security of hours for part-time retail workers

Sinead Pembroke 17/04/2017

For decades now, the retail sector has become synonymous with part-time, low-paid and insecure contracts. However, this has not always been the case; …

Who’s going to take care of our carers?

Sinead Pembroke 14/02/2017

As anyone who has a family-member in need of homecare knows, private homecare is very expensive. But like childcare, what do we really know about the …

How policy is driving precarious work for professionals in childcare and higher education

Sinead Pembroke 17/01/2017

How much do we know about the working conditions of the educators who look after and teach our children, our family members and ourselves? For the …

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