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Robert Watt is Secretary General, Dept of Public Expenditure. An economist, he has broad experience in the public and private sectors, and has worked in a range of roles within the department, as well as previously working with Indecon Economic Consultants and London Economics. He is previously an assistant secretary in the Sectoral Policy Division of the Department of Finance and has responsibility for overall expenditure policy including the comprehensive spending review, capital investment policy and managing the annual Estimates process. He has a primary degree in business studies and a master's in economics.

Guest Blog by Robert Watt: How Does Ireland's Public Service Compare?

Robert Watt 03/02/2016

Robert Watt: What evidence is there that the programme of Public Service Reform that has been pursued since 2011 is having an impact? The IPA’s annual Public Sector Trends Report provides many useful insights into this question, and the 2015 report, written by Dr Richard Boyle, is no exception. Public service delivery has faced significant …



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