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Peadar Kirby is Professor Emeritus of International Politics and Public Policy at the University of Limerick from where he retired in 2012. Before joining UL in 2007, he was Associate Professor in the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University. He is a former journalist with The Irish Times and, from 1984-86, was associate editor of Noticias Aliadas in Lima, Peru.

Peadar also holds the positions of adjunct professor in the Centre for Small State Studies in the University of Iceland, adjunct professor in the Network for Power, Politics and Society in Maynooth University, and in the autumn of 2012 he held the UNESCO chair of South-North studies in the University of Valencia, Spain. 

He is the author of Celtic Tiger in Collapse: Explaining the Weaknesses of the Irish Model, Power, Dissent and Democracy, and co-author of Towards a Second Republic: Irish Politics after the Celtic Tiger.

The Paris Agreement: a major step forward or ‘worthless words’?

Peadar Kirby 14/12/2015

Paedar Kirby: Amid the widespread welcome for the Paris Agreement, what is striking is the lack of consensus on just how significant it all is. James Hansen, former head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York and regarded as one of the world’s most eminent climate scientists, went so far as to call it “a fraud, a fake, …

CoP21: Might Paris begin the long road to a low-carbon society?

Peadar Kirby 07/12/2015

Peadar Kirby: The fact that the world’s leaders turned up at the beginning rather than at the end, as happened in Copenhagen in 2009, seems to have …

CoP21: Holding the fate of humanity

Peadar Kirby 30/11/2015

Peadar Kirby: Just three days before the historic climate change summit opens in Paris today, November 30th, Malaysia and Jamaica became the 179th …

Budget 2012: Where's the substance?

Peadar Kirby 02/12/2011

Peadar Kirby: Amid all the kite flying, the scaremongering and the testing of the electorate’s pain threshold, the central lesson of the …

Towards a Second Republic

Peadar Kirby 27/10/2011

Peadar Kirby: Despite promises of the imminent announcement of a constitutional convention in the spring of next year and of plans for local …

The need for diversity in policy advice

Peadar Kirby 20/06/2011

Peadar Kirby: When speaking to the NESC on Friday last, the Taoiseach Enda Kenny made a point that, if taken seriously, has the potential to address …

Corporate tax rate

Peadar Kirby 11/04/2011

Peadar Kirby: The issue of Ireland’s rate of corporation tax again dominated the news agenda over the weekend with the standoff between some EU …

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