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Oisín Gilmore is currently a PhD candidate in economic history at the Economics, Econometrics and Finance department at University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He is currently a visiting researcher at Trinity College Dublin.

Can Corbyn win? - A Look at the Stats

Oisín Gilmore 06/10/2015

Oisin Gilmore: For over the last 100 years or so progressive politics in Western Europe has been dominated by a small number of major parties. Some of them such as the Sozialdemokratische Partei in Germany, the Labour Party in the UK and the Parti Socialiste in France continue to play this leading role, while others are now just history such as …

No 'real responses' to changes in higher tax rates

Oisín Gilmore 20/04/2015

Oisín Gilmore: Last week on Morning Ireland, IBEC’s chief economist Fergal O’Brien issued some warnings about the impact of taxes in Ireland on …

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