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Nuala Haughey is communications director with the Social Democrats and was previously a researcher, analyst and project manager on democratic accountability issues with TASC.

She is an award-winning former Irish Times journalist with 15 years' experience reporting from Ireland and the Middle East on human rights, social affairs and immigration.

She was a consultant in human rights and communications for Irish and international NGOs and European Commission.

Nuala has a law degree (LLB) from the Queen’s University Belfast and a Master's in journalism from Dublin City University.

Ethics law needs to set the tone for standards in public life

Nuala Haughey 12/01/2017

Issues of ethics in public office are enjoying a rare moment in the spotlight with the ongoing discussion over US President-elect Donald Trump’s handling of his private business affairs as he prepares to take up his new post. There has been intense scrutiny in relation to how he will manage conflicts of interests and the application of …

Leave no trace? How to combat off the record government

Nuala Haughey 13/12/2016

When we think of government record keeping it often conjures up images of dusty archives stuffed with crumbling paper documents. While historical …

Should judges be required to publicly declare their interests?

Nuala Haughey 15/11/2016

Should judges should be obliged to make annual declarations of interests – such as property, gifts, land, and shares – in much the same way as …

Insider lobbying and transparency - the hidden influence of expert and advisory groups

Nuala Haughey 18/10/2016

Nuala Haughey: After a full year in operation, the legislation behind Ireland’s lobbying transparency regime is being reviewed by the Department of …

Teething pains of lobbying transparency register

Nuala Haughey 29/06/2016

Nuala Haughey: The first official report on the workings of the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 offers important insights into how the new …

The Benefits of the Benefacts database

Nuala Haughey 18/05/2016

Nuala Haughey: A new database of information about some 18,000 non-profit organisations in Ireland will no doubt contribute to the drive for more …

Open government mid-term report shows need for sustained momentum behind reforms

Nuala Haughey 01/03/2016

Nuala Haughey: An independent report charting progress (and lack of progress) on Ireland’s open government reforms will be published in Dublin this …

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