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Nat O’Connor is a member of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS) and a Lecturer of Public Policy and Public Management in the School of Criminology, Politics and Social Policy at Ulster University.

Previously Director of TASC, Nat also led the research team in Dublin’s Homeless Agency.

Nat holds a PhD in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin (2008) and an MA in Political Science and Social Policy form the University of Dundee (1998). Nat’s primary research interest is in how research-informed public policy can achieve social justice and human wellbeing. Nat’s work has focused on economic inequality, housing and homelessness, democratic accountability and public policy analysis. His PhD focused on public access to information as part of democratic policy making.

A New Era for Housing Policy?

Nat O'Connor 24/05/2016

Nat O'Connor: Now that there is to be a Minister of Housing, Planning and Local Government, as well as a Minister of State for Housing and Urban …

Lifetime Community Rating and Inequality

Nat O'Connor 13/03/2016

Nat O'Connor: We are coming up to the first anniversary of Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) in private health insurance and it is timely to consider …

Tax Breaks Won't Solve Homelessness

Nat O'Connor 01/09/2015

Nat O'Connor: Some campaigners have called for tax breaks to help provide more housing for people who are homeless. The homelessness crisis is …

Does anyone have the vision to lead a housing revolution?

Nat O'Connor 20/08/2015

Nat O'Connor: While there is wide agreement that Ireland needs more housing supply, action is needed to encourage the right kind of supply based on a …

How to Pay for a Living Wage?

Nat O'Connor 07/07/2015

Nat O'Connor: A single person working full-time needs to earn €11.50 per hour to afford a minimum decent standard of living. This is a rise in the …

Franklin D Roosevelt's 1935 Message to Congress on Tax Revision

Nat O'Connor 24/03/2015

Nat O'Connor: What follows are excerpts from Franklin D Roosevelt, President of the USA (1933-1945), Message to Congress on Tax Revision, 19 June …

Five Progressive Views on Greece

Nat O'Connor 20/02/2015

Nat O'Connor: Queries: The European Progressive Magazine circulated five articles about the Greek crisis, all of which are relevant to Ireland. Click …

More on Ireland's Low Taxation and Income Tax Progressivity

Nat O'Connor 20/02/2015

Nat O'Connor: The OECD provides a table of its member states showing total tax revenue as a percentage of GDP. In 2012, Ireland's total tax revenue …

Getting Beneath the Surface of Gross versus Net Income Inequality

Nat O'Connor 18/02/2015

Nat O'Connor: TASC's new report, Cherishing All Equally: Economic Inequality in Ireland, is designed to provoke deeper debate about what is and is …

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