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My name is Molly Breen. I am 21 years old. I am a fourth year student of the BESS Programme in Trinity College Dublin, majoring in business and minoring in political science. My capstone (thesis) research is on the need for a 'Just Transition' in Irish beef farming that not only aims to protect the planet but the key actors' livelihoods too such as the farmers. This is why I decided to ask Irish beef farmers directly (via a questionnaire) what they need in order to farm more sustainably.

What needs to be done to keep Irish beef farming alive and kicking

Molly Breen 11/04/2023

IntroductionAs a young student born and reared in County Dublin, I am no expert on the ins and outs of beef farming. Yet, I have always appreciated the hard work farmers put in to ensure we have high-quality beef that is known worldwide. My grandad would often tell me about his fond memories of growing up on a beef farm in County Kerry. Even if he …

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