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Kieran Rose is senior planner with the Office of Economy and International Relations in Dublin City Council. He is also a board member of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and Chair of GLEN. He was a member of the Board of the Equality Authority (2007 to 2014). He was on the Executive Committee and the Strategic Advisory Committee of the Yes Equality campaign in the 2015 marriage equality referendum, and is advisory board member of the Center for the Theory of Change in New York.

He has researched, written and lectured widely on a range of issues including planning, social justice and the city, regeneration, human rights and equality, and economic development issues. One of his current interests is how the new statutory duty on public bodies to have regard to human rights and equality in the carrying out of their functions, might be implemented in terms of planning and the city.

Guest Post: Vacant Land Tax to Incentivise the Development of Unused Land in Dublin

Kieran Rose 21/05/2013

Kieran Rose: Incentivising the Development of Unused Land in Dublin City: The benefits of a Vacant Land Tax. 1. Summary Dublin City has considerable amounts of vacant land especially in the centre city/inner city area. These extensive vacant lands are a great potential competitive advantage for Dublin as many of our competitor cities have fully …

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