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Alicja Bobek has a PhD in Sociology from Trinity College Dublin, an MA in Sociology and an MA in Migration and Ethnic Studies from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She previously worked as a teaching and research fellow in the Department of Sociology, Trinity College where she was involved in projects related to migration, workplace and social integration.

She is the co-author of Enforced Flexibility? Working in Ireland Today and is a contributor to Dublin Inquirer.

Social implications of precarious work

Alicja Bobek 22/03/2017

Since the financial crisis, and through the recovery, we hear more about the increase of precarious work. Precarious employment means insecurity, as it mostly refers to those with atypical contracts: including irregular part-time workers, self-employed with no paid employees and people employed on a temporary basis. The academic debate tends to …

Precarious work in Ireland

Alicja Bobek 15/12/2016

Precarious work has become a very fashionable term in recent years. We hear about it in the media and public discourse; it is also a subject of much …

Working conditions in the Irish back office: Are all jobs in Financial Services and ICT really that good?

Alicja Bobek 04/08/2016

Alicja Bobek: There are two sectors of the Irish labour market with average earnings significantly above the national average: Financial Services and …

Zero-hours legislation?

Alicja Bobek 11/01/2016

Alicja Bobek: In 2015 the government commissioned a study on zero hours contracts from the University of Limerick. In a welcome development it now …

Have yourself a casual Christmas: 21st century ‘entrepreneurs’ and bogus self-employment in the Irish construction sector

Alicja Bobek 23/12/2015

Alicja Bobek: For the majority of us across Ireland, Christmas means holiday. It is a festive season, providing us with a few days that we can spend …

Lucky to have job? Research highlights bad working conditions in hotels and restaurants

Alicja Bobek 10/12/2015

Alicja Bobek: Hospitality has always been an important part of the Irish economy. As the labour market recovers from the recent recession, jobs are …

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