Defend the poor and the marginalised

Slí Eile18/11/2009

Slí Eile: Even when Ireland recently enjoyed the status of being the sixth wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita it was not, and is not, a fair society.

Many live in absolute and consistent poverty by any reasonable objective measure.
Defending those on low income is a moral imperative and the second principle proposed. See previous blog on first principle here.

Too few wealthy individuals pay tax and what they pay is a fraction of what is paid by low-paid workers. Many within our society continue to be treated with disrespect and are systematically excluded from the places of power and decision-making. A combination of fiscal and other measures should guarantee no reduction over the next three years in real living standards of those at 60% of median income. A root and branch reform of the Tax system is called for to allow for the creation of a Basic Income Guarantee for all citizens of this Republic. Allied to this a moratorium on all house repossessions should be a condition of any re-structuring of the banking system.

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