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Food, health, and climate policy post-COVID-19

Tom Arnold 26/05/2020

As countries emerge from the worst ravages of Covid-19, governments face crucial decisions on balancing the health of citizens with the re-opening of economies.  A particular challenge is finding the best combination of short term measures to get people back to work and policies to address the longer term challenges of climate change and …

Food For Thought As We Ponder Our Return to Normal

Sean McCabe 20/04/2020

Around the world, all but those workers essential to the functioning of critical services are sitting at home waiting for a return to …

Why further reform of the CAP is needed now

Alan Matthews 16/01/2017

Recently I argued at the European Parliament that further reform of the CAP is needed now. Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy has been ongoing …

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Jim Stewart

Dr Jim Stewart is Adjunct Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin. His research …

Robert Sweeney

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Sean McCabe

Sean holds an B.Sc in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and an M.Sc. in …