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Tom O’Connor is a lecturer in economics, public policy and health/social care at Cork Institute of Technology.

Options on default

Tom O'Connor 12/05/2011

Tom O'Connor: Doomsday scenarios have been painted recently by Prof. Morgan Kelly and others concerning the need to abandon to EU/IMF deal on the one hand or totally repudiate the debt on the other. Kelly has suggested we abandon the bailout and balance the exchequer books immediately. Balancing the books immediately is not an option however. The …

Tell me: Are we out of recession yet and what can be done?

Tom O'Connor 01/04/2011

Tom O'Connor: The banking crisis is topical. Unemployment isn't and hasn't been in the last three years. This blindness towards unemployment and …

Implications of the IMF deal

Tom O'Connor 29/11/2010

Tom O'Connor: The IMF deal which has just being announced should be filed under fairy stories. It is economically unrealistic and would be an …

Unemployment, emigration and growth

Tom O'Connor 09/11/2010

Tom O'Connor: The seasonally adjusted unemployment figures show a fall of 6,500 signing on the live register. This is totally due to emigration. In …

Selling the family silver: bad for the economy and citizens

Tom O'Connor 26/07/2010

Tom O'Connor: The newly established government Review Group on State Assets and Liabilities has been assigned a task: ‘To draw up a list of …

Fine Gael health proposals

Tom O'Connor 07/07/2010

Tom O'Connor: The Fine Gael political party has recently launched a comprehensive set of proposals aimed at creating a fair health system in Ireland …

Mortgage arrears and the case for assistance

Tom O'Connor 31/05/2010

Tom O'Connor: The comments last week by the Financial Regulator Matthew Elderfield display a callous indifference to the plight of 77,000 people …

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