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Tom McDonnell is senior economist at the NERI and is responsible for among other things, NERI's analysis of the Republic of Ireland economy including risks, trends and forecasts. He specialises in economic growth theory, the economics of innovation, the Irish and European economies, and fiscal policy. He previously worked as an economist at TASC and before that was a lecturer in economics at NUI Galway and at DCU. He has also taught at Maynooth University.

Tom obtained his PhD in economics from NUI Galway.

IBRC Restructuring Plan

Tom McDonnell 09/01/2012

Tom McDonnell: The has obtained a restructuring plan 2011-2020 for the IBRC (Anglo/INBS). The plan was submitted to the European Commission …

Crisis 2012

Tom McDonnell 05/01/2012

Tom McDonnell: A couple of quick links Daniel Gros sets the scene for the Euro zone in this New Year's post. 2012 looks to be a critical and …


Tom McDonnell 16/12/2011

Tom McDonnell: We've turned the corner...and gone over the cliff. See here. The expansionary fiscal contraction crowd seem to have gone a bit quiet …

Employment is down

Tom McDonnell 12/12/2011

Tom McDonnell: It just keeps getting worse. Long-term unemployment now accounts for 56.3 per cent of total unemployment while the seasonally adjusted …

Sargent and Sims lectures

Tom McDonnell 09/12/2011

Tom McDonnell:The Sargent and Sims Noble prize lectures are here. Tom Sargent poses four topical questions: 1. Should Government default on their …

Bleeding Ireland Dry

Tom McDonnell 04/12/2011

Tom McDonnell: Great article by Karl Whelan here on the infamous promissory notes. Remember over 2% of our total GDP is going to be shovelled into …

Child Benefit and our values

Tom McDonnell 02/12/2011

Tom McDonnell: As Peadar Kirby said in the blog earlier today: "Budgets should be seen as opportunities to debate national choices for expenditure …

A new deal is required

Tom McDonnell 01/12/2011

Tom McDonnell: On Monday and Tuesday we will be treated to the latest instalments of the austerity show. While the structural deficit does need to be …

Let's see rationales behind Budget decisions

Tom McDonnell 29/11/2011

Tom McDonnell: When Minister Noonan stands up in the Dáil next Tuesday it would be helpful if the tax measures he is introducing were accompanied by …

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