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Tom McDonnell is senior economist at the NERI and is responsible for among other things, NERI's analysis of the Republic of Ireland economy including risks, trends and forecasts. He specialises in economic growth theory, the economics of innovation, the Irish and European economies, and fiscal policy. He previously worked as an economist at TASC and before that was a lecturer in economics at NUI Galway and at DCU. He has also taught at Maynooth University.

Tom obtained his PhD in economics from NUI Galway.

A suggestion for the EFC boosters

Tom McDonnell 30/03/2011

Tom McDonnell: The IMF as an organisation has long been criticised for its dogmatic adherence to the Washington Consensus principles regardless of …

Munchau’s purgatory between bailout and default

Tom McDonnell 14/03/2011

Tom McDonnell: Weak measures to report from Part 1 of the big European double header last weekend: see here and here. The unfortunate unwillingness …

Reviewing the Universal Social Charge

Tom McDonnell 11/03/2011

Tom McDonnell: The new Programme for Government is, perhaps understandably, light on detail in many areas. The document is highly aspirational in …

'Job Pact', not 'Competitiveness Pact'

Tom McDonnell 15/02/2011

Tom McDonnell: Useful post (here) from Andrew Watt. He looks at the latest uninspiring growth figures in Europe (0.3% quarter-on-quarter in the euro …

Roubini and Rogoff call for haircuts

Tom McDonnell 27/01/2011

Tom McDonnell: Two internationally renowned economists, Ken Rogoff (a former chief economist of the IMF and Harvard Professor) and Nouriel Roubini of …

Not just for Section 23: Economic analysis and the Budget

Tom McDonnell 26/01/2011

Tom McDonnell: There has been much commentary in the last week about the Government’s decision to roll back on its commitment to end the Section 23 …

Krugman's prescription for saving Europe

Tom McDonnell 13/01/2011

Tom McDonnell: Following on from Citigroup analysis of the Euro debt crisis earlier this week, here is an excellent analysis by Paul Krugman. Krugman …

Willem Buiter's analysis

Tom McDonnell 10/01/2011

Tom McDonnell: Willem Buiter says the key remaining question is whether it will be the banks who default, the Sovereign or both – and there is …

Slashing the Minimum Wage: Olli made us do it (or: never let facts get in the way)

Tom McDonnell 14/12/2010

Tom McDonnell: Over the weekend, a Government TD insisted on RTE's Week in Politics programme that we should ask Olli Rehn why the minimum wage was …

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