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Suzie has broad experience in community development, education, project management and programme design. Suzie worked with VOICE Ireland to deliver the nationwide Recycling Ambassador Programme and most recently with An Cosán as their Social Enterprise Officer and Higher Education Tutor with non-traditional marginalized adult learners.

She co-founded Carraig Dúlra Social Enterprise, a regenerative community education and nature connection and permaculture hub in Co Wicklow in 2008. She has been a catalyst, co-creator and network weaver in TINI (Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland), Transition Global Network (Training Circle Advisory Group), Permaculture Ireland Network, WWOOF Ireland, and the Active Hope Network. 

Building a fast and fair climate transition from the bottom up

Suzie Cahn 04/05/2021

The pandemic highlights the need for climate justiceCommunities across Ireland have been adapting to the rapid changes brought about by the pandemic. These responses range from daily phone calls to isolated elderly, expansions of Meals on Wheels, Local Link drivers doing shopping, to asylum seekers manufacturing masks while living in Direct …

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