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Rory O'Farrell is an economist lecturing in TU Dublin. He previously worked for the OECD and for NERI.


Chemical solutions to economic problems?

Rory O'Farrell 04/07/2011

Rory O'Farrell: I feel it rare that I have reason to be thankful to the FF/PD government of 2002-2007. However, they had one policy that was so …

Comparative prices for the EU

Rory O'Farrell 28/06/2011

Rory O'Farrell: Eurostat has brought out an interesting publication today on comparative prices. This index is based on consumer expenditure, so one …

How good is our export performance?

Rory O'Farrell 23/12/2010

Rory O'Farrell: The government's policy (its probably overly generous to call it a policy, more the rationale give for their various mistakes) is to …

Over the top lads: Why Intelligent People are Getting it Wrong

Rory O'Farrell 19/12/2010

Rory O'Farrell: During a walk through Passchendaele in Flanders one is confronted by monuments to the stupidity of man. During the First World War …

Could someone please send the IMF the Spraoi Christmas Annual?

Rory O'Farrell 24/11/2010

Rory O'Farrell: During my childhood in 1980s Ireland, one of

Ireland's forgotten deficit

Rory O'Farrell 12/11/2010

Rory O'Farrell: What is the bottom line for the Irish economy? It is well known that the economic bubble was inflated by borrowed money, largely in …

Are the IMF so bad?

Rory O'Farrell 05/11/2010

Rory O'Farrell: Obviously, they don't have such a great past record, but here is an interesting speech by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director …

Irish Inequality during the 20th century

Rory O'Farrell 23/09/2010

Rory O'Farrell: There has been some discussion on this site about top income shares in the US. Thanks to a book, Top Incomes over the 20th Century, …

Killing three birds with the one stone: education improves equality

Rory O'Farrell 07/09/2010

Rory O'Farrell: While access to education is usually thought of in terms of equality of opportunity, it can also lead to equality of outcome. The …

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