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Rory Hearne is a postdoctoral researcher in the Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), working on the Re-Invest Participatory Action Human Rights and Capability project in relation to social investment with a particular focus on homelessness and water infrastructure.

He has a PhD in political and economic geography from Trinity College Dublin. He is also a former policy analyst with TASC and has worked as a policy researcher and community development worker with Barnardos on social housing regeneration and human rights in Dublin's inner city. He was lecturer in human geography in the Department of Geography, Maynooth University and has researched and published extensively in the areas of housing and social housing, political economy, human rights, social movements, and politics.

He is author of Public Private Partnerships in Ireland (2011) and co-author of Cherishing All Equally (2016). He is also a regular economic and social analyst on various national media.

In the midst of a crisis why are we selling off much needed local authority housing?

Rory Hearne 18/11/2015

Rory Hearne: You just have to wonder do we ever learn? In the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis with over 100,000 households in dire need of …

Universal health care most important factor in Irish Happiness

Rory Hearne 11/11/2015

Rory Hearne: It is an important time for thinking about the type of Ireland we would like to see developing through the recovery and into the future. …

The State must intervene in housing market

Rory Hearne 24/10/2015

Rory Hearne: The Irish housing system is in an unprecedented crisis. This is visible in escalating rents, ‘economic’ evictions, mortgage arrears, …

Budget 2016: Opportunity missed to address social crisis, particularly housing, as chronic under-investment in infrastructure continued

Rory Hearne 13/10/2015

Rory Hearne: So what do the expenditure measures announced in today’s Budget 2016 do to address Ireland’s worsening social and economic …

Guest post by Dr Rory Hearne: Why aren't the Irish protesting?

Rory Hearne 19/10/2010

Rory Hearne: A short while back, I was asked the question for the This Week Rte Radio 1 show was ‘why aren’t the Irish protesting?’ I thought …

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