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Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a President of the Statistical and Social Enquiry Society of Ireland, former member of the Economic Committee of the ETUC, a member of the National Competitiveness Council of Ireland, the National Statistics Board, the ESB, TUAC, (advisor to OECD) and several other bodies. He has written three books on the Irish economy and two on public enterprise, including The Celtic Tiger; Ireland’s Economic Miracle Explained and Selling Out: Privatisation in Ireland, chapters in other books and many articles on economics.

Data on Wealth in Ireland

Paul Sweeney 13/03/2015

Paul Sweeney: There has been no study of the distribution of wealth in Ireland by any government body until recently. Now the CSO has undertaken such …

Aer Lingus Watch #5

Paul Sweeney 25/02/2015

Paul Sweeney: I began Aer Lingus Watch 3 by saying that the government will not sell its stake in Aer Lingus. The Taoiseach had said that he wanted …

Aer Lingus Watch #4: Did Privatisation Make Aer Lingus Profitable?

Paul Sweeney 19/02/2015

Paul Sweeney: A number of commentators have claimed that privatisation was the best way for Aer Lingus and that it was the making of the company …

Super rich or super angry: where are you on Ireland’s income pyramid?

Paul Sweeney 18/02/2015

Paul Sweeney: Many of us did not care how much others earned during the Celtic Tiger and bubble years. But now we are rightly angered about growing …

Aer Lingus Watch #3

Paul Sweeney 04/02/2015

Paul Sweeney: The government will not sell its stake in Aer Lingus. Taoiseach said that he wants “a cast iron guarantee” on the slots from IAG. …

Aer Lingus Watch: The Slots are the real Target for IAG

Paul Sweeney 29/01/2015

Paul Sweeney: The real value in Aer Lingus - for IAG - is in the slots. The investor column Lex in the Financial Times, the paper of record of …

The Takeover of Another Indigenous Company by a Foreign Multinational

Paul Sweeney 27/01/2015

Paul Sweeney: “I’m not going to click my fingers because some right-wing economists believe we should privatise [Aer Lingus]. We are an island …

McWage: Why we will all be working in fast-food restaurants into our eighties

Paul Sweeney 30/06/2014

Paul Sweeney: This article by Douglas Coupland writing in the Financial Times deserves attention (click for full article on He writes as …

Ireland's National Risk Assessment

Paul Sweeney 17/04/2014

Paul Sweeeney: The Department of the Taoiseach just published its “Draft National Risk Assessment of Ireland” as promised in the Government …

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Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a …