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Dr Paula Clancy was founding director of TASC. She served in that position from 2001 to 2010 and returned to it for a brief period from 2014 to 2015. She is a member of the Board of TASC and is Chair of the TASC Research and Policy Committee. Prior to 2001, Paula held senior academic and management posts in third level education. Paula is author/co-author of a range of major research projects in the fields of political analysis and democratic accountability. She has authored a number of articles on the consequences of austerity in Ireland since the crisis.

A divided state

Paula Clancy 02/01/2019

Dr. Paula Clancy is founding director of the independent, progressive Think Tank TASC (Think Tank for Action on Social Change) which she helped set up nearly 20 years ago to address economic inequality in Ireland.  As she steps down as Chair of the Think Tank, she takes a candid look at the state of inequality in Ireland today, and ahead of an …

Arguments for a gendered investment plan

Paula Clancy 09/03/2015

Paula Clancy: As a consequence of austerity policies the programme for gender equality in Ireland has been hard hit. Ursula Barry’s recent TASC …

Financial exclusion - a lucrative business for some

Paula Clancy 06/08/2009

Paula Clancy: Last December, TASC organised a seminar on financial exclusion. The day before, Sean Fitzpatrick resigned as chairman of Anglo Irish …

Getting ideological

Paula Clancy 20/03/2009

Paula Clancy: David Quinn is right about one thing: we do need to start asking ourselves what kind of society we want when we come out of the current …

Comfort from US Heritage Foundation: we may be broke, but we’re economically free!

Paula Clancy 03/03/2009

Paula Clancy: Looking for something else on the web, I came across Ireland’s entry in the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom, published by the …

Towards a New Political Economy

Paula Clancy 23/02/2009

Paula Clancy: Welcome to progressive-economy@tasc. Economics has been described as the 'dismal science'. Economists are often stereotyped as …

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