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Nick O'Neill

Nick is a Research Assistant at TASC and contributes to projects on health inequalities. 

Anti-racism is not a pick ‘n’ choose

Nick O'Neill 12/06/2020

The suicide rate among Traveller men is 7 times higher than the general population. Infant mortality rates are almost 4 times higher. Life expectancy at birth is 15.1 years less for Traveller men and 11.5 years less for Traveller women than the rest of the population. Life expectancy for Traveller men did not improve over the 20-year period from …

Privatisation, Precarity and Pandemic

Nick O'Neill 28/04/2020

“Minister ‘ashamed’ at waiting list for home help hours”“Body of pensioner lay undiscovered in house”“Home helps to ballot for strike …

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