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Maura Adshead is Associate Professor in Politics and Public Administration at the Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Limerick. She is currently chair of the national Campus Engage Working Group on Engaged Research and responsible for drafting its Engaged Research Ireland Report. Whilst her research interests focus on Irish and European politics and public policy, she has been involved in a number of community oriented research projects at local, regional and international levels. She is author of Developing European Regions? Ashgate, 2002, co-author (with Jonathon Tonge) of Politics in Ireland, Palgrave, 2009; and co-editor (with Michelle Millar) of Public Administration and Public Policy in Ireland: theory and methods, Routledge 2003 and (with Peadar Kirby and Michelle Millar) Contesting the State: lessons from the Irish case, Manchester University Press, 2008; and (with Tom Felle) Ireland and the Freedom of Information Act, 2015, Manchester University Press, 2016. She has published a variety of articles on aspects of Irish politics and public policy and has carried out commissioned research for Combat Poverty, the Health Service Executive and the National Economic and Social Forum.

Better research engagement can deliver better research impact

Maura Adshead 13/01/2017

Nearly half the world’s population eat food cooked indoors on stoves fuelled by wood, coal or animal dung. The World Health Organization estimates that solid-fuel stoves contribute to about 4.3 million deaths a year. In addition to tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer, solid fuel stoves also contribute to air pollution and climate …

Enough of the post-Trump hand-wringing

Maura Adshead 15/11/2016

A colleague who studies Russian politics tells the anecdote about the Russian economics minister, holding a press conference after the 2008 financial …

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