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Gerard Hughes is an economist specialising in labour market issues relating to pensions, employment and migration. He worked at the ESRI where he was a Research Professor. A founding member of the European Network for Research on Supplementary Pensions and of the Pension Policy Research Group in Ireland, Gerard has published a number of reports on the coverage of pension plans, tax expenditure on pensions and pensioners’ incomes, as well as reports for the OECD and the ILO on private pensions in Ireland. He has contributed to and co-edited a number of books on pensions including Reforming Pensions in Europe and Personal Provision of Retirement Income.

Retreat on Comprehensive Reform on Pension Taxation in Ireland and the U.K.

Gerard Hughes 20/03/2016

Prof Gerry Hughes: In the last fifteen years the cost of pension tax relief has doubled in Ireland and the U.K. and most of the tax relief accrues to higher taxpayers. In both countries there has been official concern about the sustainability of the cost of government subsidies for private pensions and some steps have been taken to make the system …

Costing a Universal Pension for Ireland

Gerard Hughes 20/11/2013

Gerry Hughes: Social Justice Ireland has published a detailed and fully costed study by Adam Larragy which proposes to replace the current …

Executive directors, other employees and pension inequality

Gerard Hughes 10/06/2011

Gerry Hughes: In 2007 employer contributions to occupational pension schemes on behalf of employees amounted to €1.4 billion and the estimated cost …

Paying for the Jobs Initiative

Gerard Hughes 16/05/2011

Gerry Hughes: In 1988, in the middle of Ireland’s last economic crisis, the Minister for Finance in the Fianna Fáil Government, Ray McSharry, …

Is the National Pensions Framework a Policy for Pensions or a Policy for the Pensions Industry?

Gerard Hughes 06/04/2010

Gerry Hughes: In the National Pensions Framework document the Government points out that between 2004 and 2009 it increased the State Pension …

New report shows over €8 out of every €10 of pensions tax relief goes to top earners

Gerard Hughes 25/11/2009

Gerry Hughes: In a series of reports on our pension system, TASC and the TCD Pension Policy Research Group have argued that the tax relief on pension …

Current pension tax reliefs inequitable and unsustainable

Gerard Hughes 19/08/2009

Gerard Hughes: Reading Paul O’Faherty’s opinion piece in the Irish Times on 29 July one would not suspect that it is the private pension system …

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