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David Begg is a former CEO of Concern Worldwide and was General Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions between 2001 and 2015.

He has also been a director of the Central Bank (1995-2010), a governor of the Irish Times Trust, Non-Executive Director of Aer Lingus, a member of the National Economic and Social Council (NESC), and of the Advisory Board of Development Co-operation Ireland.

Begg holds a master’s degree in international relations from DCU and a PhD in sociology from Maynooth University.

He is a former director of TASC.

There are no jobs on a dead planet

David Begg 16/06/2015

David Begg: German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, appears to have achieved something of a victory in persuading the G7 group of leading industrial …

Tsipras may still have a card to play

David Begg 08/06/2015

David Begg: In a joint article published in a number of European newspapers last week a German and a French politician set out an audacious plan for …

Equality for All - Really?

David Begg 28/05/2015

David Begg: The high turnout and the active involvement of so many campaigning groups, especially the engagement of young people, in the referendum …

TTIP is not a conventional free trade agreement

David Begg 26/05/2015

David Begg: Since the collapse of the DOHA round of multilateral trade negotiations the focus of global trade policy has shifted towards regional or …

Capital Markets Union – The Risk of Short-Termism

David Begg 13/05/2015

David Begg: The European Commission believes that European Capital Markets are underdeveloped. It considers that this is an aspect of the single …

A Polanyian double movement in Europe? Too early to say

David Begg 08/05/2015

David Begg: On Tuesday 5th May Professor Eduardo Silva, from Tulane University, New Orleans, delivered a lecture in Maynooth University on the topic …

Why May 7th is crucial for Ireland

David Begg 05/05/2015

David Begg: There has always been a paradox of sorts affecting Ireland’s engagement with the prospect of European Integration. With few honourable …

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