Prof Brian Nolan on Inequality - A complex issue explained.


At TASC, the main focus is on inequality and most readers of Progressive Economy probably have a good understanding of this complex issue. We publish an annual series on inequality which is part of a long-term project by TASC to monitor trends in economic inequality in Ireland. We present key economic inequality indicators in Ireland, which year-on-year will provide critical information for the public. In 2016, the book was Cherishing All Equally 2016.

As 2017 begins, for those who want a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of inequality, not just in Ireland, this presentation by Prof Brian Nolan of Oxford is really well worth watching. It is 1 hour 16 minutes but the presentation itself is around 50 minutes. Indeed you can probably do other things as you listen, but do look at it regularly for the informative charts.
Professor Brian Nolan has spent his life studying inequality and has worked with Tony Atkinson and Thomas Piketty among others. He is Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Inequality and Prosperity and a member of the TASC Economist’s Network.



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