Referendum on the Austerity Pact

Tom Healy28/02/2012

Tom Healy: With at least one Referendum on the Austerity Pact imminent over the coming months one looks forward in hope to a debate that will draw on values, facts, evidence and reasoned analysis. We can look forward to discussions on cyclically adjusted current balance. Macroeconomics may yet flourish. It would be interesting to hear from at least one macroeconomist anywhere who thinks that the Pact makes economic sense. The debate will be, rather, about choices and options.

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Dr Tom Healy     @TomHealyNERI

Tom Healy

Dr Tom Healy is Director of the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI). He has previously worked in the Economic and Social Research Institute, the Northern Ireland Economic Research Centre, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the National Economic and Social Forum and the Department of Education and Skills.

He holds a PhD (economics and sociology) from UCD. His research interests have included the impact of education and social capital on well-being.



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