Triple Lock - a lifetime of debt

Slí Eile24/02/2010

Slí Eile: Writing in today's Irish Independent, economist David McWilliams in his typically lucid way calls a spade a spade (It's time to shout stop - NAMA is grand larceny). First the bank guarantee, then NAMA and now forced nationalisation (on less favourable terms than if the issue was confronted earlier). He writes:

The triple lock would solder the people to the banking system in a suffocating embrace forcing us to borrow from tomorrow to pay for yesterday and, in the process, destroy the opportunities of today.
Alone of the parties in the Oireachtas, the Labour Party got it right in September 2008 on the guarantee. Labour got it right on nationalisation in March 2009. And they were right on NAMA.
Karl Whelan wrote early last year:
A crucial feature of the nationalisation approach is that it dramatically reduces the risk involved in having to value the bad loans.

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