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Will Ireland Need a Second Bail Out?

Tom McDonnell 20/01/2012

Tom McDonnell: Willem Buiter of CitiGroup and formerly of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee reckons that Ireland should negotiate a stand-by second bailout plan in the event it can’t re-access markets in 2013 on favourable terms. Inevitably the notion was attacked as 'ludicrous' by the Government and 'unhelpful' by the Commission. …

The data being sent to IMF and EU bodies should be public

Nat O'Connor 10/01/2012

Nat O'Connor: The latest IMF report on Ireland has an important annex: Annex 1. Provision of data (pages 81-82), which gives a list of "indicators …

Ireland's 'Inability to Pay' 5.8 Percent

Nat O'Connor 01/12/2010

Nat O'Connor: The interest rate on the EFSF loan is to be 5.8 per cent (on average). Can Ireland afford this? Professor Morgan Kelly of UCD wrote an …

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