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Tyler contributes to projects on trade, multinational corporations, and inequality. Tyler is also broadly interested in the impact of communication technology on society, especially as it relates to democratic participation and freedom of expression. He holds an MA in Global Communication from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and a BA in Journalism and International studies from Elon University in North Carolina.

Tech Alone Won't Save Us

Tyler West 24/08/2020

Background: While the belief that technology will play an increasingly central role in 21st-century life is commonly accepted, the exponential increase in technological dependence during COVID-19 has caught even technophiles off-guard. The fact that governments around the world are almost entirely reliant on smartphones to track COVID-19—a …

Ireland Must Find its Voice in Protecting Global Privacy

Tyler West 27/05/2018

The revelation that Cambridge Analytica was able to secretly obtain millions of Facebook users’ data to assist Donald Trump’s presidential …

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