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Nat O’Connor is a member of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS) and a Lecturer of Public Policy and Public Management in the School of Criminology, Politics and Social Policy at Ulster University.

Previously Director of TASC, Nat also led the research team in Dublin’s Homeless Agency.

Nat holds a PhD in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin (2008) and an MA in Political Science and Social Policy form the University of Dundee (1998). Nat’s primary research interest is in how research-informed public policy can achieve social justice and human wellbeing. Nat’s work has focused on economic inequality, housing and homelessness, democratic accountability and public policy analysis. His PhD focused on public access to information as part of democratic policy making.

The data being sent to IMF and EU bodies should be public

Nat O'Connor 10/01/2012

Nat O'Connor: The latest IMF report on Ireland has an important annex: Annex 1. Provision of data (pages 81-82), which gives a list of "indicators …

Stiglitz and Job Creation

Nat O'Connor 04/01/2012

Nat O'Connor: Joseph Stiglitz has an interesting three-page article in Vanity Fair where he reassesses the causes of, and therefore necessary …

TASC's Response to the Public Spending Announcements

Nat O'Connor 05/12/2011

Nat O'Connor: We have made an initial response to the Budget 2012 public spending announcments. The reforms to the budgetary process could be a …

Let's Have More Budget Transparency

Nat O'Connor 21/11/2011

Nat O'Connor: Seán Whelan on RTÉ Six One News last Friday quipped that democratically elected representatives were the first to see Michael …

Solving the Euro Crisis without Germany Paying More

Nat O'Connor 18/11/2011

Nat O'Connor: It seems that domestic politics in Germany are focused on dealing with a perception by German taxpayers that they are at risk of …

German Think-tanks, Ireland and the European Crisis

Nat O'Connor 16/11/2011

Nat O'Connor: The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, is making an official visit to Berlin today. As well as meeting Chancellor Angela Merkel, he will speak to …

The Future of Europe?

Nat O'Connor 06/10/2011

Nat O'Connor: What do the following people have in common? Tony Blair, Marek Belka, Jacques Delors, Felipe González, Jakob Kellenberger, Mario …

The Risks of Financial Diversification (OECD Observer)

Nat O'Connor 24/09/2011

Nat O'Connor: Amy Domini, CEO of the social investment firm Domini, provides a concise and clearly written argument against modern 'diversification' …

Governments and markets: Time to get serious (OECD article)

Nat O'Connor 09/09/2011

Nat O'Connor: An article in the OECD Observer poses a few useful questions about the role of governments in the economy. The author argues that "we …

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