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Dr Jim Stewart is Adjunct Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin. His research interests include Corporate Finance and Taxation, Pension Funds and financial products, Financial Systems and Economic Development.

He is widely published and his titles include Mutuals and Alternative Banking: A Solution to the Financial and Economic Crisis in Ireland (2013), Choosing Your Future: How to Reform Ireland's Pension System (co-author, 2007) and For Richer, For Poorer: An Investigation of the Irish pension system (2005).

The economic crisis: some suggestions

Jim Stewart 06/12/2009

Jim Stewart: The economic crisis has revealed failures in many areas:- regulation, industrial policy, tax policy, corporate governance and planning. …

Current government policy is misguided

Jim Stewart 03/12/2009

Jim Stewart: The current stated policy of the Government is to reduce the fiscal deficit as a percentage of GDP to 3% or under by 2014 (formerly …

The National Asset Management Agency Bill 2009: Some suggested changes

Jim Stewart 08/10/2009

Jim Stewart: The Green Party will this Saturday make what are likely to be historic decisions in relation to a programme for Government. Key amongst …

The National Asset Management Agency Bill 2009: the value of loans

Jim Stewart 06/10/2009

Jim Stewart: One of the contentious issues in the NAMA proposal is the value of the loans being purchased. Loans with an estimated market value of …

NAMA or nationalisation unlikely to achieve objectives

Jim Stewart 22/05/2009

Jim Stewart: Banks are a vital part of any modern economy. They perform a number of key functions (1) a repository and access to liquid assets; (2) …

Current policies set to exacerbate economic crisis

Jim Stewart 12/05/2009

Jim Stewart: The Government's main stated current economic policies (Budget April, 2009) are (1) to stabilise the public finances and (2) provide …

The Banking Crisis and the Real Economy

Jim Stewart 08/05/2009

Jim Stewart: Recent reported commentary in the media from the ESRI, drawing an analogy between Zimbabwe and Ireland is unhelpful in terms of …

The budget, the over-fifties and the under-fives

Jim Stewart 15/04/2009

Jim Stewart: The recent supplementary budget, while removing a considerable amount of income from almost everyone, also treated some groups in …

Reform of tax relief on pensions should be accompanied by pension reform

Jim Stewart 30/03/2009

Jim Stewart: The solution to the current pensions crisis proposed by TASC in its pamphlet Making Pensions Work for People is to introduce an improved …

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