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Eilis Lawlor is Director of Just Economics, a research company that specialises in social and economic research. Prior to founding Just Economics, she worked for the New Economics Foundation, where she ran a programme area on social return on investment (SROI). As lead researcher on the Measuring What Matters programme, she produced some of the first SROIs to be published in the UK and was pivotal in establishing SROI as a credible evaluation tool.

Eilis is widely published in a number of policy areas and is a co-author with Eva Neitzert of the official Cabinet Office guide to SROI. She is a member of both the SROI Network's National Council and Assurance Panel.

GDP Growth and Wellbeing: what is the relationship between economic growth and welfare in Ireland?

Eilís Lawlor 21/02/2013

Guest Post by Eilís Lawlor: It is sometimes argued that under conditions of austerity and economic hardship discussions of issues relating to quality of life and wellbeing are inappropriate. And there is something in this. With the figure for those at risk of poverty in Ireland continuing to rise, you could be forgiven for arguing that the …

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