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Dr. Amie Lajoie

Amie Lajoie is a senior researcher at the think-tank TASC, working on projects that investigate the ways public services and institutions can better serve the needs of marginalised persons and groups in Ireland.

“If they are good enough to teach, they are good enough to pay”

Amie Lajoie 24/09/2020

On Wednesday, 16 September, I logged into Twitter to see “NUIG” trending on my feed. I graduated from the National University of Ireland – Galway (NUIG) with my PhD in Political Science in March 2018, and was curious to see why my alma mater was getting so much attention on the platform. To my chagrin, this attention was extremely negative …

Covid-19, Millennials, and Generation Y'rs

Amie Lajoie 11/06/2020

This post is taken from the introduction of our latest social listening project "Stories of the Pandemic: The Experiences of Millenials and …

Non-mortgage debt and financial wellbeing of Irish households

Amie Lajoie 13/04/2020

  Ireland has the fifth highest rate of personal indebtedness in Europe, and living with debt is a daily reality for over half of all Irish …

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