A Path out of the Euro Crisis?

Tom McDonnell23/07/2012

Tom McDonnell: Eurozone level policy making has been nothing short of disastrous and there is little sign of any change. Spain is moving closer by the day to a full bailout and faces into a half decade of stagnation and high unemployment.

In this context, INET's Economic Council has released a timely policy document "Breaking the Deadlock: A Path out of the Crisis" intended to chart a way out of the Euro crisis. The council argues that unless decisive action is taken the euro will continue to drift toward a breakdown of incalculable cost. You can read the council's proposals here.

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Dr Tom McDonnell

McDonnell, Tom

Tom McDonnell is senior economist at the NERI and is responsible for among other things, NERI's analysis of the Republic of Ireland economy including risks, trends and forecasts. He specialises in economic growth theory, the economics of innovation, the Irish and European economies, and fiscal policy. He previously worked as an economist at TASC and before that was a lecturer in economics at NUI Galway and at DCU. He has also taught at Maynooth University.

Tom obtained his PhD in economics from NUI Galway.



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