Trick or Threat

Slí Eile25/10/2010

Slí Eile: Today, we were served an item on public sector pensions here. The report says that 'the Department of Finance has not ruled out measures aimed specifically at public service pensioners in the budget'. Perhaps there is some connection between the story, the timing and the budget preparation. The item goes on to say: 'It also disclosed the public service pensions bill will increase from 0.5 per cent of GNP to almost 2 per cent of GNP by mid-century, almost €8 billion per annum in current terms. Some commentators have said such a development is unsustainable.' Which commentators? Where? On the basis of what research? Some examples are given including stories of individuals receiving more than €135K per annum. Contrasts are presented with the private sector. We are back to the old divide and rule narrative.
Then the following item here takes the biscuit. 'Gold-plated pension regime may be unsustainable'. Who says it is unsustainable? The cost of a fully provided system of social insurance would be much less than the current cost of tax expenditures on private pensions. See TASC research here.
The entire news story seems like one of many pre-budget softeners.
In truth people are being served by a campaign of psychological terror backed by claims that unless we agree to the most devastating attack on public services, pay, conditions and provision we will be taken over the IMF, EU etc. Prior to invasion the tactic is to terrorise before the ground troups are sent in. Make no mistake the four-year austerity plan is a full scale attack on living standards, jobs and rights of workers.

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