Working Conditions in Ireland Publications

Here are the latest reports and submissions on working conditions in Ireland. Click on the links below to download the reports.

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Enforced Flexibility? Working in Ireland Today

Report published June 2016

Research Highlights on Working Conditions

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Low paid and demanding: work in the Irish hospitality sector

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Hollowing out the Firm: Work in the Irish Construction Sector

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Good Jobs Still Out There? Employment in the Irish Financial Services and ICT


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Bogus Self-Employment in the Irish Construction Industry

Submission to the Department of Finance in response to: Consultation on the use of Intermediary-Type Structures and Self-employment Arrangements

This version revised 14/06/2016

Background Material

Here is the original research proposal that outlines the project plan:

After the crisis: recovery and good jobs in Ireland

The Project began with background reports on employment in the four case study sectors:

Employment in the Construction Sector

Employment in the Financial Sector

Employment in the Hospitality Sector

Employment in the ICT Sector