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_TC80261 Dr Shana Cohen

Email: scohen@tasc.ie

Dr Shana Cohen is the Director of TASC.

She studied at Princeton University and at the University of California, Berkeley, where she received a PhD in Sociology. Her PhD analyzed the political and social consequences of market reform policies in Morocco for young, educated men and women. Since then, she has continued to conduct research on how economic policies have influenced political and social identity, particularly in relation to collective action and social activism.

She has taught at George Washington University, the University of Sheffield, and most recently, University of Cambridge, where she is still an Affiliated Lecturer and Associate Researcher.  Her areas of teaching have included global social policy, globalization, and human services.

Before coming to TASC, she was Deputy Director of the Woolf Institute in Cambridge. In her role at the Institute, she became engaged with interfaith and intercultural relations in Europe, India, and the Middle East.

Beyond academic research, Shana has extensive experience working with NGOs and community-based organizations in a number of countries, including Morocco, the US, the UK, and India. This work has involved project design, management, and evaluation as well as advocacy. She has consulted for the World Bank, the Grameen Bank Foundation, and other private foundations and trusts.

_TC80159 copy Robert Sweeney

FEPS TASC Researcher on Inequality
Email: rsweeney@tasc.ie

Current Research

Robert Sweeney is the FEPS TASC policy analyst and researcher on economic policy. He is currently the lead researcher on a project examining economic inequality in Ireland and Europe. His work focuses on inequality in Ireland, and how Ireland compares to other European small, open economies.

Research Themes

  • Economic inequality
  • Low pay
  • Financialisation


Robert has a PhD in economics from University of Leeds in which he examined the growth of the financial sector in Europe. He also has degrees from Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University. He has published and refereed in international journals in economics and political economy. 


_TC80169 Marcos González Hernando

FEPS TASC Researcher on the ‘Top 10%’ in Europe
Email: mgonzalez.hernando@tasc.ie

Current Research

Marcos’ current research is on the composition, social attitudes, and conduits for political participation of the richest 10% of the income and wealth distribution in Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Through a mixed-method comparative approach, the ultimate aim of this project is to propose policies at the local, national, and European level that might be able to increase the level of social solidarity of this segment and help confront inequalities without its opposition.

Research Themes

  • Composition and characteristics of economic and political elites
  • Views of economic and political elites on inequality and the economy
  • Policy expertise and policy advisory systems
  • Intellectual change since the 2008 global financial crisis


Marcos holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, where he is an affiliated researcher, and degrees from the LSE, Goldsmiths, and Universidad de Chile. Before joining TASC, Marcos was Visiting Lecturer at City, University of London; Research Assistant at INTERCO-SSH – a project tracing an international history of the social sciences – and a string of Education-focused NGOs; and editor for a number of academic and semi-academic publications.


Profile Photo IG Sean McCabe

Email: smccabe@tasc.ie

Current Research

Sean is developing a workstream on Just Transition. This work aims to identify and address knowledge and capacity deficits that must be overcome in order to include workers and their communities the design, planning and implementation of a fair transition to sustainable economies and societies. The findings will help to inform people-centred climate action and sustainable development in Ireland and Europe.

Research Themes

  • Just Transition
  • Sustainable development
  • People-centred climate action
  • Intergenerational equity
  • Migration and integration


Sean holds an B.Sc in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and an M.Sc. in Development Practice awarded by Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. Prior to joining TASC, Sean worked as a Policy Officer with the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice for five years. During this time he engaged with the negotiations leading to the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. He also led the Foundation’s work on intergenerational equity. Sean spent five years working in the private sector, as a catastrophe risk analyst with Renaissance Reinsurance. He also spent 2 years working in a hospice in Kolkata, India, and worked with the Environmental Protection Agency in Sierra Leone building the agencies capacity in Geographic Information Systems.


IMG_9038 Amie Lajoie

Senior Researcher
Email: alajoie@tasc.ie

Current Research

Amie is currently working on a project that explores the policy and social context of personal debt in Ireland. This project aims to assist those persons who face difficulties effectively managing debt – in particular groups who are financially precarious, namely lower-income households and individuals, especially single parent households. The project will develop specific policy recommendations for improving financial management, and elaborate on a new service to help Irish households build financial capability.  

Research themes

  • Economic and social policy
  • Social justice and financial inclusion
  • Adult education and literacy
  • Feminist pedagogy
  • Socio-economic rights


Amie holds a PhD in Political Science from NUI Galway, where she continues to lecture on topics related to social and political theory, gender and human rights and Irish and global politics. Her doctoral research was fully funded and focused on women and human rights activism, building upon well-known feminist critiques of the international human rights project. She has an MA in Human Rights from the University of York (York, UK) and a BA in International Relations from the University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, VA USA).  Amie has also completed legal and policy research on issues such as reproductive justice, child marriage and the human right to housing.

_TC80098 Tyler West

Program Officer
Email: twest@tasc.ie

Current Research

Tyler West is a program officer and researcher on democracy and society. He is broadly interested in the impact of communication technology on society, especially as it relates to democratic participation and freedom of expression. Tyler also contributes to TASC's public outreach and project procurement initiatives. 

Research Themes

  • Digital Democracy
  • Deliberative Forums
  • Technology and Society


Tyler holds an MA in Global Communication from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and a BAs in Journalism and International Studies from Elon University in North Carolina.

_TC80146-2 Kirsty Doyle

FEPS TASC Researcher on Health Inequalities in the EU
Email: kdoyle@tasc.ie

Current Research

Kirsty conducts comparative research on health inequalities in Europe by focusing on access to healthcare services. The results of her qualitative research will be used to help inform best-practices on improving early access to healthcare services and thus reducing health inequalities.

Research Themes

  • Health inequalities
  • Healthcare access
  • Health promotion
  • Changing economic policy and its impact on healthcare, working life, alcohol and the night-time economy.


Kirsty holds an MA in Sociology and Geography from Maynooth University. She is currently finishing her PhD in Sociology at the Waterford Institute of Technology, where she was awarded a PhD Scholarship for her research on the regulation of alcohol-related behaviour in the night-time economy. Before joining TASC, Kirsty worked as a Research Assistant in the Health Promotion Research Centre (HPRC) at the National University of Ireland, Galway. During her time at the HPRC, Kirsty conducted a qualitative evaluation of the Galway Healthy Cities Alcohol Strategy.

_TC80116 John White

TASC Office Administrator
Tel: 01 6169050
Email: contact@tasc.ie

John comes to TASC with a background in senior office administration. He has worked in large academic, health and government organisations. He has specialist experience in corporate event management for local government and the charity sector.

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