About TASC

What we are

TASC is an independent think-tank whose mission is to address inequality and sustain democracy by translating analysis into action.

TASC’s Constitution presents its main objectives as:

  • Promoting education for the public benefit
  • Encouraging a more participative and inclusive society
  • Promoting and publishing research for public benefit

What we are for

As a public education charity (CHY 14778), TASC engages in research and public outreach concerning inequality, democracy, and climate justice in the current political, economic, and social environment. Through its work, TASC seeks to increase public knowledge of economic and social policy, improve working conditions, facilitate a just transition to advance climate action and protect livelihoods and communities, and more generally, contribute to positive social change in Ireland and the EU.

TASC regularly evaluates the work of other organisations that seek to improve service access to vulnerable and marginalised groups. In conducting research and practice-based evaluations, TASC consistently employs rigorous mixed research methods, including statistical analysis of government data, organising focus groups, implementing surveys, and conducting open-ended and semi-structured interviews.

TASC staff use such data to tailor policy recommendations and to propose specific interventions for government, civil society, and other commissioning organisations.


What we do

TASC’s work addresses four key areas:

Equality, Democracy, Social Inclusion, and Climate Justice.

We conduct research and analysis, initiate and contribute to public awareness and debate, influence policy, and support change on the ground.

Our primary aim in our work is to translate analysis into action, or to use research to improve frontline services and develop innovative, effective projects that tackle urgent issues like climate change and in-work poverty.

TASC is the only independent think tank in Ireland and this independence contributes to our credibility as an organisation equipped to conduct original research that informs practice and increases social impact.

Our outputs include:

  • Reports on different aspects of inequality.
  • Commissioned work supporting charities delivering frontline services
  • Collaboration with civil society and trade organisations and private companies to respond better to the policy, social, and economic context.
  • Handbook on deliberative democracy
  • Design and delivering of training programmes on financial resilience and on climate action.
  • TASC Annual Conference
  • Newsletter, regular seminars, publications and blogs

Join the conversation

TASC hosts regular online and in-person public events and lectures and has for many years, helped to sustain the Economists’ Network, which brings together progressive social scientists across Ireland.

Details on all upcoming events are available on our Events page.

We also publish weekly blogs from a cross-section of academics and activists.

Please join us at our events or get in touch if you want to share an idea. Sign up for the TASC newsletter.

We welcome partners in our efforts to propose policy alternatives and develop new practice-based projects.

TASC is the trading name of Tasc Europe Studies Company Ltd (T/A TASC). Registered Address: Hill House, 26 Sion Hill Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. Company No. 342993 - CHY 14778 - RCN 20049096 -  TRN 6263993W. 

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