Working Conditions in Ireland

FlyersnipUntil recently it was believed that economic growth meant more and better jobs because of a universal upgrading of the occupational structure. However, this optimistic picture is also challenged. What appears to be happening in many countries is a growing polarisation of employment: the middle is ‘hollowed out’ while the number of jobs grows at the top and the bottom of the occupational structure.

This research project seeks to understand the extent to which these trends are happening in Ireland. At the same time, it will look at what is happening ‘inside’ jobs: the extent to which jobs have become more insecure and workers more subject to arbitrary management decisions.

The project will use a version of the ‘job quality index’ comprising six dimensions: wages, non-standard employment, working time and work-life balance, working conditions and job security, skills and career development, and collective interest representation.

In June 2016, we published the findings of the first phase of the report in the comprehensive study, Enforced Flexibility? Working in Ireland Today.